Stem Cell Therapy for Pets

Here at Edgemont Veterinary Clinic, we strive to provide the most advanced treatments and technologies for our patients and stem cell therapy is one of our specialties. Stem cell therapy is a process that allows us to surgically collect, isolate and activate your pet’s own natural building blocks. Due to their regenerative properties, stem cells initiate the repair of damaged tissues after injection into the areas of concern.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy also falls under the category of stem cell therapy. This is a non-surgical and advanced means of providing high doses of the body’s own healing factors directly to the areas where they are needed. PRP is a new therapy, and is employed as an adjunct to enhance the rate and quality of body healing. Give us a call at 403.239.4657 for more details on these treatment options.

How can stem cell therapy help pets?

The primary use of stem cell therapy is to treat degenerative osteoarthritis which is quite common in older dogs and cats. This chronic condition leads to a cycle of reduced activity, muscle loss, weight gain and ultimately early euthanasia in some cases. In younger patients, stem cell therapy treats conditions like congenital hip or elbow dysplasia. When a pet has poor joint conformation, the subsequent inflammation and wearing of the smooth articular cartilage leads to pain and lameness. Stem cell therapy can improve quality of life and give the patient longer, happier and more comfortable days. Pancreatitis, allergies, and certain eye conditions can also be successfully treated with stem cells.

What are the differences between stem cell and PRP therapy?

The difference between PRP and Stem Cell therapy is one of degree. PRP provides stimulation to improve the quality and speed of the body’s healing response to an injury, whereas stem cells infer to the area an ability to regenerate tissues. PRP can be done with sedation only; stem cell treatment requires a general anesthetic to surgically harvest the stem cell rich fat tissue, and a surgical wound is created which will take a little time to heal.

Are stem cell therapy and PRP therapy safe for pets?

Here at Edgemont Veterinary Clinic we work only with the best quality in medical treatment and equipment. Stem cell and PRP therapies are relatively non-invasive, have low risk, require little recovery time and are suitable for most animals. Because these processes are self-to-self donations of cells, they provide a safe and drug free way to manage trauma and other inflammatory diseases.

What happens during stem cell therapy for pets?

This procedure can be completed in one day. Your furry family member will undergo a short surgical procedure under anesthetic to procure 20 to 40 grams of fat. This may be taken from an area near the belly button, or just behind the shoulder. Once the fat has been acquired, it is processed in our in-house laboratory. These purified stem cells are then ready to be injected. The pet is given a light and short lasting sedation. The main portion of processed stem cells are injected into the primarily affected area(s), with the remainder given through the bloodstream to benefit the body as a whole. Stem cells have an innate homing sense and they will travel through the body to go where they are needed. The pet is then awakened and goes home that afternoon.

How is PRP therapy done on pets?

PRP therapy is a simple procedure where a blood sample is processed to concentrate the platelets and activate the proteins within them. These repairing proteins are used to enhance healing. Essentially, PRP therapy speeds the natural healing process in the body by putting concentrated levels of these proteins in damaged areas, such as joints or any other area of inflammation. This procedure can be completed in less than a half day, and only requires sedation. A routine blood sample is collected and processed in-house. Under sedation, the PRP is placed directly into affected areas and your pet goes home shortly after.


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