Why We Cannot Take Meds Back Into Stock

When you come into the clinic, there is a sign behind reception stating our medication returns policy:

“We regret that we are unable to accept any prescription drug, non-prescription medications, health care products, aid or device that has been provided to you for return for refund. No veterinarian, technician nor other supporting staff member can accept any product for resale or reuse.

If you wish to return your any product for donation to a rescue foundation, we are happy to pass on your gift to a charity of our choice.”

To clarify, it is illegal for a pharmacy/clinic to take back any drugs once it has left the premise, even if it is in a tamper proof container and has never been opened. This is because we cannot be certain that the medication or product stayed at its proper storage temperature. If we were to re-dispense these medications and it caused a reaction, the clinic would be held liable and not the manufacturer. The integrity of the chain of custody of a drug must be documented and secure.

However, donation of medication to a charity and whether they take it is up to the individual charity. Some rescues will only take unused, non-expired items while others are happy with opened, non-expired items. We do work with several local charities and we try to get your donation to the ones most in need.

Please do not dispose of expired medication on your own. Septic tank systems and municipal sewage/water treatment facilities cannot handle pharmaceutical contamination. It can pollute rivers, streams, groundwater and drinking water, and affect us and wildlife. Bring your expired medications/products to any clinic or human pharmacy for proper disposal.

If you have any questions or concerns about your unused medications, please give us a call at Edgemont Veterinary Clinic. We would be happy to help you out.