Weight Management

Excess weight may result in health issues. We offer personalized weight management regimens.

Did you know that according to the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, 50% to 60% of pets are either overweight or obese? Unfortunately, this health crisis among people over the past few years has now transferred onto our loyal companions. Fortunately, with the proper guidance from our team, getting pets back to a healthier weight is totally possible. If you think your pet needs help with their weight, please call us at 403-239-4657 and one of our client care specialists will be happy to address any of your questions.

Is it OK for pets to be overweight?

Absolutely not. Even pets who are just slightly overweight are more likely to have reduced lifespans and have higher likelihood of having cardiac diseases, respiratory diseases, joint diseases, infections, anesthesia complications, high blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, cancers and many more issues. Weight control is the premiere thing pet owners can do to increase their pet’s lifespan and improve its quality.

How do I know if my pet is overweight or underweight?

As a general rule of thumb, your pet’s chest should be wider than their waist or stomach. Overweight dogs will have no distinction between their chest and stomach area. You should also be able to feel their lower ribs, without a layer of fat. That being said, a weigh-in at the clinic is the best way to know for certain where your pet lies on the weight spectrum.

What happens during a weight management consultation?

Obesity in pets is a common disorder and having a weight management plan in place is beneficial in your pet’s overall health. Weight management consultations focus on choosing appropriate diet, calorie management, and an exercise program for your pet.

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