Surgical Services

We treat injuries, diseases, and more. Expert treatment from diagnosis to recovery.

Over the span of your furry family member’s life, they may have to undergo all types of surgical procedures. Some are routine, while others are done to treat injuries or diseases. Here at Edgemont Veterinary Clinic, we provide a high standard of quality care and services including routine spay, neuters, general surgical procedures and some orthopedic surgeries. Our dedicated sterile surgery suite filled with all the monitoring equipment possible ensures the safest possible surgery and best outcomes for your pet. Simply call us at 403-239-4657 to learn more about surgical services for pets.

Is anesthesia safe for pets?

Yes, you can rest assured that we run extensive tests (specifically bloodwork) to ensure your pet is a good candidate for anesthesia prior to their procedure. The vast majority of our patients do well under anesthesia and our technicians monitor their vital signs all throughout the procedure, as the veterinarian does their surgical work.

How should I prepare my pet for their surgery?

Depending on the procedure your pet will undergo, their age, their diagnosis, or any health condition they may have means that different precautions will need to be taken. Our team will give you all of the instructions you need to help prep your pet for their surgery day. In general, we will ask that you arrive on time for your pet’s scheduled surgery. This is a huge help to our team. Staying on schedule means that other furry friends will get the care they need, and will open us up for any unexpected emergency cases that may come in to the clinic. As well, most patients should not to eat any solid foods the night before their procedure.

What is the right way to care for pets post-operation?

Again, this will all depend on your pet’s unique case. Generally speaking, we ask that you ensure they take all of their necessary medications, eat and drink regularly, as well as attend any post-operative rehab treatments they may need. Paying close attention to your pet and notifying us of any odd behaviors right away will help ensure they recover as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

How much does surgery cost for pets?

Please call us for our latest service rates. There are many factors that come into play when calculating the cost of your pet’s treatment, and a proper consultation is the best way to receive that.

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