Periodic deworming will help your pet stay healthy and prevent parasite-related illnesses.

Deworming is part of any healthy pet’s healthcare regimen. Although they may seem harmless in appearance, intestinal worms can cause several health issues like anemia, weakness, malnutrition, and damage to your pet’s intestinal walls. Fortunately, regular deworming treatments is all it takes to provide the maximum amount of protection against worms for your furry friend. Call us at 403-239-4657 to learn more.

How often should pets be dewormed?

Ideally, your pet should be dewormed regularly, multiple times in any given year. Depending on the specific deworming medication you choose, they may need to be dewormed once every three months or once every four months.

What happens when a pet is dewormed?

Deworming medication comes in oral forms (liquid or tablet). Once taken, they work quickly to kill any worms your pet may have. Some will destroy the worms while others will paralyse them so they are passed in your pet’s stool.

What are side effects of deworming?

Although they occur rarely, your pet may experience vomiting and lack of appetite after their deworming treatment. These symptoms are often mild and dissipate within a matter of hours.

How can I protect my pets from worms?

Aside from regular check-ups and staying on top of their deworming schedule, you can take a few steps to minimize your pet’s exposure to worms and other harmful parasites. For example, ensure that your pet does not eat feces or drink standing water. Also, discourage your pet from hunting other smaller animals (e.g. birds and rodents) that may be infected.

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