Arthritis Services

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Unfortunately, as our furry friends enter their senior years, they will be more prone to develop arthritis and other degenerative diseases. Although there is no cure for it, your pet can still remain active and pain-free with proper maintenance care. During regular check-ups, we can create and modify your pet’s treatment plan so they continue to have a high quality of life despite their diagnosis. Call us at 403-239-4657 to learn about how we can help your pet with their arthritis.

How do I know if my pet has arthritis?

If your pet develops arthritis, you may begin to notice that they tire a lot more easily. They may no longer be able to keep up with you on your walks or runs as they did when they were younger. They may also spend more time resting or sleeping. Furry friends with arthritis also often lick or bite certain areas on their body most affected by the disease. You may also notice that they are wincing in pain when getting up from a sitting position, or when they are climbing up the stairs.

How is arthritis in pets treated?

Acupuncture, massage, rehabilitation and prescription medications may all be used to manage your pet’s arthritis. Low-impact exercises like swimming, weight control, and installing carpet/soft padding in your pet’s area at home can also help boost the effects of in-clinic treatments. With arthritis, early diagnosis is key to preventing your pet from suffering in silence so please contact us right away if you feel that they may have arthritis.

How long can pets live with arthritis?

Most pets can live out their entire days despite their diagnoses. Although arthritis gets worse over time, proper management means that your pet can still have a good quality of life with the disease.

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