Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine for Pets

Holistic medicine, also known as Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM), are alternatives to conventional medical treatment. TCVM employs acupuncture, acupressure, herbal and diet therapies to treat your furry family member who has been injured or diagnosed with certain types of conditions. It is also extremely useful for pets who are already in good health to ensure they stay well their whole lives. To learn more about how we incorporate TCVM into our treatment protocols here at Edgemont Veterinary Clinic, please call us at 403.239.4657 and one of our Client Care Specialists will be happy to answer your inquiries.

How can Traditional Chinese Medicine help my pet?

TCVM treatments are prescribed alone or in conjunction with conventional Western medicine. When used together, TCVM therapies can sometimes lower the doses of pharmaceuticals required, control or prevent side effects, enhance quality of life, and occasionally eliminate the need for medicine altogether.

What are the common health and behaviour issues in pets treated with Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine?

Because TCVM employs a wide variety of treatments, it can be used to address many types of diagnoses in your furry friends such as cancer, allergies, inflammatory bowel syndrome, kidney disease, liver disease, arthritis, disc disease, seizures, asthma, diabetes, as well as those who have undergone invasive surgery or are recovering from injuries.

Is Chinese Herbal Medicine safe for pets?

Absolutely. Prior to prescribing or undergoing any kind of treatment, your veterinarian will assess your furry friend for any kind of allergies they may have. Food, particularly herbs, play a huge role in TCVM. They are derived from different types of plants and can be taken orally or topically.

How many treatments will my pet need?

It really depends on your pet’s unique situation and how they react to the treatments. As time goes on, your veterinarian will check in with you to tweak treatment frequency and dosing as required. Chronic treatments usually need a longer series of treatments compared with suddenly developed issues, which may require a shorter treatment schedule especially if diagnosed early.


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