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Hospice Care for Pets

As a full-service veterinary practice, we offer hospice care for your beloved pet. This encompasses all that can be done to ensure patients have access to the best comfort and management of their environment during the later stages of their life. Pain management strategies (medications, acupuncture, etc.), physiotherapy, environmental adaptations and all possible compassionate considerations can be curated to your furry family member’s specific needs. Prior to pandemic restrictions, our team can also conduct house calls for patients with limited mobility. To learn more about our hospice care services, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 403.239.4657.

What is hospice care for pets?

If your pet has a terminal illness that is no longer responsive to treatment, your veterinarian will recommend hospice care (also known as palliative care) to ensure they are pain-free and comfortable until they cross the rainbow bridge naturally, or your family decides that it is time for them to undergo a humane death through medically-induced euthanasia. As we touched on above, hospice care is a combination of treatments tailored for your pet’s unique situation.

How much does hospice care cost for pets?

Because hospice care is extremely customizable, it is difficult to provide a general cost estimate for all pets. Please give us a call to schedule a consultation, where our team will be able to provide you with an accurate service rate.

Does my pet have to stay at the veterinary hospital during hospice care?

Not necessarily. Although some treatments may need to be conducted at the clinic, your pet can certainly stay with you at home during their last days. This means you will be their primary caregiver. We will work closely with you and contact you regularly so you know all of the care you need to take while you are with your pet.


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